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Where in the Dreaming City is Archie in Destiny 2?

The best boy is on the loose again

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Another week in Destiny 2, another week of Guardians trying to find the adventurous Archie somewhere in the vastness of space.

For the weekly reset of May 21, which brought a brand-new cinematic for those who finished the Season of the Wish storyline and the return of a fan-favorite Nightfall weapon, Archie has paid a visit to the Awoken by heading towards the Dreaming City.

Previously, Archie explored both the Tower, Destiny 2's social space, and the Moon, under the supervision of Eris Morn. Now, let's find the Exodog in the Dreaming City.

Where to find Archie in the Dreaming City in Destiny 2?

Our first order of business, as usual, is to inspect the paw prints outside of Ada-1's office in the Annex section of the Tower. Then speak with the Exo to get the brand-new Archie-related quest.

Then it's time to find Petra Venj. She can be in three different spots but don't worry, as the map will clearly indicate where she is stationed each day. In this case, she's at The Strand. After talking to her, our search for Archie finally begins.

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Archie Dreaming City locations in Destiny 2

The first clue given to us by Petra is that Archie went looking for "someone being trapped in a well."

Archie wanted to check out the Blind Well... but Guardians were fighting something scary, so he decided to wait outside the door

Naturally, the first location is the iconic Blind Well.

To find Archie's paws simply spawn in the main Landing Zone and head straight until you reach the Blind Well's entrance, go up the stairs, and take either the right or left path, which will lead you straight to the Fondt of Starlight location.

The paws are right before the final set of stairs leading to the Blind Well.

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Archie heard about some mysterious bones that like to barter and, naturally, felt compelled to check them out

For the second location, we're taking a trip down to where players discovered some secrets about the Ahamkara. Archie might be an Exo dog but he's still fond of bones after all.

Head over to Rheasilvia and into the massive Awoken building. Move in a straight line until you reach Harbinger's Seclude and turn right. Follow the path until you reach a more open-ended area. Clear the enemies and turn left to see a big Awoken pillar.

To the right and near the edge, look down and you'll see a small section where you can land to reach your destination. There is an elevator but this is the cool way of getting there (it's also faster).

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Drop down and move through the small corridor ignoring the Taken blight, clear the area and you'll find the paw prints in between both Ahamkara vendors.

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Archie felt like someone was playing a trick on him! He kept hearing the sound of a cat-s purring permeating the Mists

This one is easy, from the Divalian Mists landing zone, take a left as if you were going to Rehasilva once more, but instead, stand near the edge and look down, you'll be able to see a small cave.

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Drop down the cave and follow its path, the paws will be right at the end.

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Archie's last stop. He was hoping to say hello to the queen if she was around

From the cave we're at following the last step, we need to go to the Oracle Engine. Head back up and follow the path in front of you with all the blue glowing crystalized walls.

When you enter the Spine of Keres an Ogre Ascendant boss will appear, take him down to get an Offering to the Oracle. You'll need this to find Archie.

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From then simply present the offering and enter the Queen's Court.

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Archie will be waiting for his mandatory "pawsitive" reinforcement.

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To finish the quest, head back to Ada-1 and talk to her, you'll receive an Ahamkara bone gift from Archie. It has no use but dismantling it will make the best of boys sad, so do it at your own risk. You'll also get 10 Trophies of Bravery and a Triumph.

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