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When does The Finals Season 2 start?

The second season is approaching fast

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Now that March is here, you might be wondering when does Season 2 of The Finals start. The game has been constantly receiving updates throughout the past few months, but players are due for significant additions other than new game modes.

As we wait for an official announcement with all the new content, here is everything we know about the start of the next season for the chaotic shooter.

When does The Finals Season 2 start?

The Finals Season 2 is set to begin on Tuesday, March 12 for all platforms. A new update will be released on that day to add all the new content and it should release around the same time as previous patches.

What can we expect from Season 2?

Players are patiently waiting for an official announcement from Embark Studios about the content this season will bring. Although the reveal should happen soon, there are a few things that are certain to come with the season.

The first thing is a new Battle Pass full of cosmetics, which will probably be related to the theme of the season. On top of that, the game should get new elements such as maps or weapons.

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A recent Reddit post suggests that a new map set in Japan is coming to the game. This speculation is based on unreleased content like a Samurai skin, which has appeared in previous trailers but still hasn't shown up in-game.

Another post pointed out that some early dev gameplay from four years ago shows areas of a map that we haven't seen before. Curiously enough, these areas seem to be in a street reminiscent of the ones seen in the Asian country.

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