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What happened to the Rainbow Six Siege Mobile ripoff?

The popular game seems to be gone.

When leakers revealed that Ubisoft was officially working on a mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege, many gamers thought: "Weird, I distinctly recall already playing that." But Rainbow Six Siege has never been available on mobile devices — you're thinking of the Rainbow Six Siege clone. 

What is the Rainbow Six Siege Mobile clone?

Area F2 is a game by Ejoy that claimed to be the "first close-quarters battle FPS" on mobile. The game was actually quite popular with the competitive mobile community, but many couldn't help but compare it to Rainbow Six Siege in playstyle and visuals. This also wasn't lost on Ubisoft, who decided to sue Ejoy. 

What happened to Area F2?

The mobile game vanished soon after Ubisoft announced the lawsuit. By May 20, 2020, the game was gone from all mobile stores. 

Area F2 was allegedly downloaded over 1 million times before it was shut down. The massive playerbase was left confused when the game disappeared. But Area F2 soon wrote on Facebook that the game was "terminated." 

"We are carrying out improvements to Area F2 in order to deliver a better experience to players," Area F2 added, leaving many fans with hope that it would return. 

But it's been a few years and Area F2 shows no sign of returning. The game's Twitter and other social media platforms have been silent. The title has also disappeared from Ejoy's website. 

Ubisoft stated: "Ubisoft is pleased that Area F2 has been removed from sale by As a consequence, we have decided to dismiss the complaint made against, Apple, and Google. Moving forward we remain committed to protecting all of our intellectual property and the hard work of our teams.”

Will Area F2 ever return? 

Most likely not. 

While many mobile FPS fans have speculated that Area F2 will come back, this is most likely not happening. Ejoy was quick to completely shut down the game when Ubisoft went after them. 

It's even less likely now that Ubisoft is releasing Rainbow Six Siege Mobile. An official announcement is allegedly coming any day now and it's predicted that the game will be launched in 2023.