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“We are playing for them if they can’t move forward in the competition”: Team Liquid reflects on Brazil’s situation, can clinch a playoff spot by defeating XSET

Team Liquid are on the verge of securing a playoff spot.

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Brazil’s only physical representation in Charlotte is doing great. Despite a loss against, ironically, one of the three Brazilian rosters competing from Mexico, Team Liquid’s plan is running smoothly.

It would be a lie to say great things aren’t expected from Liquid, a roster whose performances at international group stages are close to perfection. Since the Six Invitational 2021, Team Liquid has only lost five group stage matches – out of 23. The team has topped each group stage since the Mexico Major.

But, it’s not how it starts, but how it ends. Team Liquid can’t seem to keep up with the initial consistency, and struggles deep in the playoffs. It’s been a year since their last deep playoff run, when the team defeated five teams in the lower bracket of the SI 2021.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. Team Liquid made two changes, and has worked in many areas. The team’s adaptability skills have got better, which shocked XSET in Liquid’s final match of the second day.

Communication-wise, the team is getting better. Luccas “Paluh” Molina mentioned this in his pre-Charlotte Major interview, and went through it again after yesterday’s games. “We need to work on our communication, we got it better, but I think it’s something you can always work on it and can make you turn around some rounds.”

With three wins and one loss, Team Liquid’s future is on their hands. Defeating XSET in the team’s first match of the day would clinch them a spot for the Charlotte Major playoffs, just before facing the only roster that has defeated Liquid so far in the group stage, FURIA Esports.

According to Pablo “resetz” Oliveira, the team “played so bad [against FURIA Esports] making a lot of mistakes” but he is confident about the team “having fixed these”.

A theoretical loss against XSET could leave Team Liquid between a rock and a hard place, as the team’s last game against FURIA Esports could be differential. The Brazilians playing from Mexico have coped with the situation, as they have only lost by narrow margins – despite having lost both matches against XSET, the panthers are still above them due to round difference.

“We are playing for them if they can’t move forward in the competition, it’s a dream for everyone to stay here, there are also a lot of players from Mexico that didn’t qualify for any other events and really wanted to be here to make their first international event,” concluded Paluh.

Team Liquid isn’t only playing for themselves but, to some extent, for their country. How far will they make it this time?

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