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Warzone leak claims popular movement mechanic returning with Black Ops 6

Faster Warzone movement could be returning

two soldiers are running down a street in Warzone.

A Warzone leak claims unlimited Tac Sprint is on its way back to Call of Duty's battle royale when its next chapter begins.

Unlimited Tac Sprint first appeared during the Verdansk era, allowing players to move around the map quickly. Since then, the mechanic is timed meaning fans loading into the action have to wait for the stamina bar to recharge before sprinting once again.

Before fans start thinking Warzone is heading back to its prime, the leak also claims unlimited Tac Sprint will arrive with a catch.

According to a leak from notable leaker BobNetworkUK, unlimited Tac Sprint will return to Warzone when Black Ops 6 integration takes place as part of the first post-launch season.

Instead of unlimited Tac Sprint being available for all players, BobNetworkUK reveals it will feature as a perk. As a result, players will either have to equip it as part of a loadout or obtain it as loot during a match.

Unlimited Tac Sprint disappeared from Warzone following the launch of Warzone 2 and the Al Mazrah map to slow the pace of play. Now, Raven Software is already experimenting with all kinds of ways to increase the speed once again. The arrival of Tactical Sprint Boots in Season 4 give players the option to move around without a vehicle quickly but they're only available when opening a bunker.

The introduction of Tactical Sprint Boots has been received well by fans and with COD Next 2024 expected to share more about what the developer has in store, it won't be long before the future of Warzone becomes clear.

Season 1 of Black Ops 6 is expected to launch in early December so there are several months before the unlimited Tac Sprint is expected to arrive. In addition to the new Omnimovement system, Warzone in late 2024 and early 2025 could look significantly different.

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