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Warzone Runaway Train public event explained

Here's a closer look at the Warzone Runaway Train public event

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Knowing how the Warzone Runaway Train public event works is essential for players looking to be the last one standing.

Public events in Warzone inject a little spice into various scenarios taking place throughout a match and as part of the Season 4 update for the battle royale, Raven Software's train has left the station alongside the return of the Kar98k and the arrival of Loot Hot Zones.

For those confused about the Runaway Train public event, this guide has all the intel on how it works and influences the action taking place on Urzikstan.

What is the Warzone Runaway Train public event?

The Warzone Runaway Train public event is a random event that can take place in any Urzikstan match. When the sixth gas circle forms, the public event will begin.

Players must head towards the moving train which acts as the final circle forcing players to battle around or on the train carriages. The train will slow down to allow players to climb aboard but once the wheels are rolling, expect a unique endgame as everyone attempts to survive.

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Once the train is moving, the gas cloud will move with it so there's no need to worry about the next rotation. When the Runaway Train public event is active, the train is where the game will end.

When does a Warzone Runaway Train public event happen?

The Runaway Train public event happens at random meaning there's no guarantee the game will end aboard a train. With plenty of potential for hectic close-quarters battles, unlocking the Superi 46 SMG is worth doing before the train leaves the station to decide the victor.

That's everything there is to know about the Warzone Runaway Train public event. For more, check out our other guides showcasing the latest Warzone Rewards and how to get Tactical Sprint Boots.

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