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Warzone Loot Hot Zones explained

Here's a look at how Warzone Loot Hot Zones work

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What are Warzone Loot Hot Zones? That's one question on the minds of fans loading into the battle royale.

Loot Hot Zones arrived as part of the Season 4 update for Warzone alongside a battle pass featuring the legendary Kar98k marksman rifle, the Hammer Operator, and a wealth of cosmetics for players to earn. Loot plays an integral role in Warzone and the addition of Hot Zones is guaranteed to spice up early-game action.

With that said, find everything there is to know about Warzone Loot Hot Zones in this guide.

Warzone Loot Hot Zones explained

Loot Hot Zones are specific points of interest marked on the map. Loot caches located within the zone offer an increased chance of obtaining higher-tier loot that includes Specialist Perks, Tactical Sprint Boots, and more.

With plenty of potentially game-changing loot on offer, there's a high chance these areas of the map are heavily contested. It's worth unlocking the Superi 46 SMG beforehand for some close-range firepower.

Warzone Loot Hot Zones items

The Call of Duty blog has only revealed "higher-tier loot" is up for grabs within Loot Hot Zones. This could be any Legendary weapon blueprints, Killstreaks, large piles of Cash, and rare items such as the Specialist Perk.

When the Loot Hot Zones are active and players start uncovering what's available. the guide will be updated with some of the items on offer.

That's all there is to know about the Warzone Loot Hot Zones. For more, check out the best assault rifle for battle royale action and the latest intel on the Black Ops 6 reveal.

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