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Warzone Mobile devs suggest lowering graphic settings to combat overheating devices

This really wasn't ready to release

Warzone Mobile isn't off to the best start; the hotly anticipated mobile shooter launched to a plague of optimisation issues and bugs.

However, those troubles may be over, as the FPS developers have posted a 'quick fix' on their X/Twitter for players facing one of the most commonly cited problems: their device overheating while playing the game.

Overheating can be dangerous for both the device and the user, and while some warming is expected when playing graphically intensive games, players report Warzone Mobile to be worse than would usually be expected.

To help combat the issue, the dev team has advised players to reduce the in-game graphical settings.

"We're always looking for ways to optimize Call of Duty #WarzoneMobile to reduce strain and heat on your device," said the devs on March 29.

"In the meantime, your device’s Graphic Settings might be too high for managing thermals." 

They also posted a graphic (seen below) showing players which options they should tweak to improve gameplay.

While turning down the graphical quality from 'High' to 'Medium' may be sound advice when attempting to lower the strain on devices—and thus the heat they produce—it will not be well-received by a community that feels the devs have had plenty of opportunity to fine-tune the game's performance in the year-long soft-launch period.

Since the game's global release last week, several small updates have been released aimed at improving the performance of the struggling Android version, but clearly, more work has to be done.

For those of you who may not have faced any issues or have turned down the graphical settings, check out these Warzone Mobile codes and get some goodies for free.

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