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COD Warzone Mobile codes (April 2024): All active codes and how to redeem them

A new code has arrived

COD Warzone Mobile codes

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile was finally released worldwide last month and the game features the same weapons and cosmetics as the premium titles.

Since the game supports cross-progression, any progress you make on the battle pass or other elements like weapon levels will reflect on the other titles. The store and the battle pass are not the only way to get some shiny new cosmetics, as you can also redeem some promotional codes to get some rewards on occasion.

In case you had no idea about this feature, we have gathered all the available codes now that we are getting closer to April's mid point.

Warzone Mobile codes

Here are all the active codes we know so far and the reward you'll get for redeeming each one of them:

Code Reward
VZ5Y-KJ4C0-ECJ4 Calling Card "Hiding in plain sight"
BNX33C6FLWCPCBP Monster Energy Skin for operator Clutch

We will update this table whenever a new code gets announced or if any of the codes listed gets deactivated in the future.

How to redeem Warzone Mobile codes?

The process to redeem codes is the same as with any other Call of Duty title. In case you're new to this, here are all the things you need to do:

  • Visit Activision's code redemption page using this link
  • If you aren't already, you will have to sign in using the same Activision account you use to play Warzone Mobile.
  • Once there, you only have to input a code in the textbox and then click the button to redeem it.

If the code is still active, the page will redirect you to a new page to showcase the item that has been added to your account. You should be able to instantly see the cosmetic in question in your game but if not, try restarting the title.

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