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A shotgun and a melee weapon are the victims of the latest Warzone update

The Riveter and Tonfa have been nerfed!

A small update for Warzone has dropped, bringing significant adjustments to two weapons players were recently finding annoying: the Riveter shotgun and the Tonfa melee weapon.

Although the default Riveter is a mediocre weapon in the current meta, players found out that the Gauge Ball Ammunition attachment was extremely overpowered.

A Riveter with this attachment on was capable of hitting and downing enemies at long range without having to aim down sight, as shown by a few clips posted on X (formerly Twitter). Knowing full well this is a shotgun, the combination was becoming annoying for players.

Credit: Activision

On the other hand, the Tonfa will now require four hits instead of three to down a player with full health and three armor plates. Some are questioning if this nerf is enough, since this has been the preferred melee weapon for some over the past few days thanks to how quickly it could get people. Only time will tell if the weapon still requires some extra balancing.

Below are the full patch notes revealed for the May 15th update, as revealed by Raven Software:



.410 Gauge Ball Ammunition

  • Near-Mid Damage decreased to 30, down from 33.
  • Mid Damage decreased to 25, down from 27.
  • *New Damage Range Added* 
    • Far-Mid Damage set to 21. 
    • Far-Mid Damage range set to 16.51 meters.
  • Min Damage decreased to 15, down from 25.


It will now take 4 melee hits, up from 3, to eliminate an enemy with full health and 3 armor plates.

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