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Warzone expert discovers "broken" battle rifle for Season 4 Reloaded

Is the Warzone meta about to change?

Warzone MTZ 762 assault rifle on blurred purple and green background featuring Warzone players

A Warzone expert has uncovered a "broken" Modern Warfare 3 battle rifle after it received a buff in the mid-season update.

Season 4 Reloaded for Call of Duty's battle royale introduced a wealth of buffs and nerfs affecting several weapons sitting at the top of the meta and while many are thrilled with the latest Kar98k nerf, one particular adjustment has seen the popularity of one battle rifle skyrocket.

The MTZ 762 has rarely featured in the meta for MW3 multiplayer or Warzone. Now, its newfound performance is starting to make an impact, shredding through opponents thanks to its rapid time to kill (TTK).

In a video uploaded on July 1st, 2024, Warzone content creator Metaphor claims the MTZ 762 is "broken" thanks to its "crazy" TTK statistics.

"It is absolutely insane," reveals Metaphor. "The damage it does is crazy, you can take people out across the map with this thing. Close range, it's pretty good, mid-range it's perfect."

The sudden increase in performance shouldn't come as a surprise to players who examined the patch notes for the mid-season update. The MTZ 762 saw its maximum damage range increase from 25.4 meters from 19.05 while its near-mid range went up to 48.26 meters from 40.64. With the extra range providing even more performance in Urzikstan and the Resurgence rotation, it's no wonder the once-overlooked battle rifle is shining.

Despite the buff, the MTZ 762 hasn't quite reached the heights of the Kar98k which dominated the first half of Season 4. According to WZStats, the rifle is the 33rd most popular weapon with a pick rate of 0.64%

While its pick rate remains low, the MTZ 762 is one of the most underrated weapons to use in Warzone. We'll have to see if its dominance continues ahead of Season 5 which is bound to introduce further weapon balancing to keep a level playing field across the entire arsenal.

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