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Ignored Warzone battle rifle has the fastest TTK in Season 4 Reloaded

Is this Warzone battle rifle actually meta?

Warzone Sidewinder battle rifle on a blurred background

A Modern Warfare 3 battle rifle that's often overlooked has one of the fastest times to kill (TTK) in Warzone much to the surprise of players dropping into the action.

Following the launch of Season 4 Reloaded, the meta for Call of Duty's battle royale has undergone significant changes thanks to a wave of buffs and nerfs halting the dominance of the Kar98k marksman rifle and Superi 46 submachine gun. With the likes of the STB 556 increasing in popularity, another ignored rifle is climbing towards the top of the arsenal.

Despite its lack of popularity, this battle rifle is starting to become the talk of the town.

In a July 8th upload, Warzone content creator WhosImmortal reveals that the Sidewinder has one of the fastest TTK's in the battle royale.

The content creator claims: "This thing, clearly in its first damage range, which obviously you can extend with certain attachments, clearly the best. It is significantly better than any other rifle." Although the long-range firepower of the Sidewinder drops off, it still has the capability of downing and eliminating opponents with ease.

WhosImmortal adds: "It falls off a little earlier but then the mid-range, it's super competitive and ultimately overtakes everything else and becomes the best TTK rifle in this group."

Although the Sidewinder has plenty of firepower to spice up the meta ahead of Season 5, it's yet to capture the attention of players who prefer other options to score plenty of kills. According to WZStats, the rifle has a pick rate of 0.26%, one of the lowest of the entire weapon arsenal.

With the meta constantly changing, it's certainly worth keeping track of the Sidewinder's performance on Urzikstan and Rebirth Island. To see how it stacks up against other rifles, check out our battle rifle tier list ranking the entire category from best to worst.

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