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Wait... So is Rainbow Six Siege actually free right now or not?


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Rainbow Six Siege usually drops a free weekend when there's a big update or event, so players wre expecting the same when Operation Vector Glare finally dropped after a short delay.

But there was nothing from Ubisoft.

Then, the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account finally informed players that there would be a free weekend - a long one.

The tweet read: "Play Rainbow Six Siege FREE until June 27th! Try the brand-new season and get the game for up to 67% off!"

But then the tweet disappeared. It appeared that the tweet was deleted... But why? Is Rainbow Six Siege not free after all? Did Ubisoft change their minds? The false alarm was a bit confusing to many in the Rainbow Six community.

Now, the tweet has returned.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently free to play

Ubisoft has tweeted a second tweet that states that, yes, Rainbow Six Siege is currently free to play.

From June 23 to June 27, people interested in trying out Rainbow Six Siege can go here to get more information and download the full game.

And just like before, the game is 67% off for a limited time. This means if you like the game and want to continue playing with your friends, you can purchase it at a lower cost until June 27.

All of the progress you make during your weekend-long grind will carry over into the game as well.

So yeah, Rainbow Six Siege is currently free to play! Just took a while to finally get confirmation.

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