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Valorant's Mystbloom bundle gives wallhacks, Riot Games already working on a fix

This is unprecedented

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When game designers make changes or introduce new cosmetics to their video games, some features don't go as planned. It's hard to tell how the release of an item or a skin will affect the players' gameplay. If a bug shows up after the launch, the community should report it instead of initiating social media persecution.

More or less, that's what has happened in Valorant this week. With the release of Episode 8 Act 3, Riot Games launched multiple new features including Cypher and Viper's nerfs and the highly-expected pink skinline, Mystbloom bundle.

Unfortunately, the most recent bug found in the game is related to this new bundle. According to multiple players, Valorant's Mystbloom Bundle gives you wallhacks.

As shown in the video above, players can use the weapon skins from the set to see the shape of another player located on the opposite side of the boxes.

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The Mystbloom bundle wallhack bug can be used with all of its variants and weapons. Therefore, while it's difficult to use this during the round, it can provide an unfair advantage, especially in post-plant plays.

Luckily, Preeti Khanolkar, Valorant's Lead Producer for cosmetic content, has been made aware of this and claimed Riot Games is "fixing this bug" and will "push out a fix soon."

With the bug now being a thing in the community, Valorant's players are already calling this new pink skin a "pay-to-win" cosmetic. On paper, that's true right now, especially since this new bundle costs around $85. Nonetheless, the community should understand that bugs like this can happen. While Riot Games should (and must) do better, we all can make mistakes.

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