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Valorant Mystbloom Bundle: Release date, skins, price, variants, and more!

The perfect bundle for spring

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With Valorant's Episode 8 Act 3 starting soon, Riot has revealed a new bundle coming to the game called Mystbloom. As the rumors suggested, this is a flower-themed skinline with pink as its primary color.

Before these cosmetics arrive in the game, we have gathered all the details about this upcoming bundle to help decide if it's worth the money.

Release Date

Since this is a launch bundle for the new Valorant season, we expect the Mystbloom skins to be available in the store on Wednesday, May 1, after update 8.08 finishes rolling out across all regions.


In case you want to give it another look, here is the trailer for the bundle that was release through the game's social media accounts:

Skins and cosmetics

The bundle features five new weapon skins for the following guns:

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  • Phantom
  • Sheriff
  • Judge
  • Operator
  • Melee (Kunai)

It's not your lucky day, Vandal fans. The Vandal hasn't been included in the Mystbloom Bundle as the Phantom has taken its place. Meanwhile, the Sheriff, the Judge, the Operator, and the Kunai complete the list.

On top of the base pink color, the trailer showcases three variants for this skinline: blue, purple, and orange. It is unclear if each gun will have those three variants or if it will vary in each case.

The melee will have a kunai shape and feature a unique inspection animation as you can see below:

The bundle will probably have other small cosmetics to complete the set, like a Player Card or a spray.

Additionally, each variant will have its own finishing animation as seen below:


According to the ValorantUpdated account on X (formerly Twitter), the complete set will cost 8700 VP. Each weapon can be bought separately at 2175 VP, and the kunai skin will cost 4350 VP individually.

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