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Valorant Viper Agent Guide: Abilities, tips, and tricks

Here's everything you need to know about Viper!

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Viper is a Valorant agent from the United States of America. She's a Controller and has been in the game since its Beta version.


Viper is one of Valorant's strongest agents. Her abilities can slow down the enemies while also making them vulnerable to attacks. Additionally, her ultimate can decay the health of Viper's enemies.

Here's a close look at Viper's abilities in Valorant!

Basic - Snake Bite

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Viper's Snake Bite is a chemical launcher that frees toxic canisters. Once they reach the floor, the canister breaks and releases a toxic material that damages and makes enemies vulnerable.

Basic - Poison Cloud

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Viper's Poison Cloud is a grenade-shaped gadget that frees a smoke cloud. However, the smoke cloud depends on Viper's fuel. Viper can pick up this gadget once it's been deployed.

Signature - Toxic Screen

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Viper's Toxic Screen is like her Poison Cloud: she needs fuel to use it. However, it creates a great green wall that makes it difficult to push the site.

Ultimate - Viper's Pit

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Viper's Ultimate ability is one of the strongest of its kind in Valorant. Once Viper triggers it, a big cloud of gas is spread around her. This toxic cloud will decay the enemies' health automatically after entering the gas. Viper's Ultimate ability will run regardless of the quantity of fuel Viper has.

How to use Viper in Valorant?

Using Viper in Valorant isn't easy. You must understand how to play each one of her abilities, which brings something different to the table. However, after mastering her, your win rate will probably increase due to how important she's in the current meta.

Here are some pieces of advice to learn how to play Viper in Valorant!

Viper's Pit after planting the Spike

Using Viper's Ultimate after planting the Spike is game over for the enemies who will have to kill Viper before starting the defuse. You can also use Viper's Ultimate ability to protect the Spike after killing its holder. Remember, Valorant is not only about killing opponents but also about playing with time. Time is gold!

Slow down enemies with Viper's abilities

Her Basic abilities, Snake Bite and Poison Cloud, are perfect to hold the enemies down. Use them at the beginning of the round to hold the mid part of the map or to stop the enemies from retaking the bomb site.

Play smartly with your fuel

While all of what we said is pretty cool, Viper's abilities wouldn't work without fuel. Using it smartly is important because if you don't do so, you won't have any fuel left when you need it.

After using Viper's fuel to create a wall or a smoke cloud, remember to deactivate the abilities so you still have fuel in the latter stages of the round.

Create coverage for your teammates

Viper's abilities allow her to create extra coverage for her teammates. Using her Smoke Cloud to reduce the enemies' visibility or her Toxic Screen are smart ways to protect your teammates while also making it difficult for opponents to find them on the map.

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