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Valorant Throwback Pack for the Outlaw Sniper: Price, skins, and release date

The Outlaw Sniper will come to Valorant with a special bundle.

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During the last couple of hours, Valorant's community has been hit with a tone of new content that will be released with the launch of Episode 8 Act 1.

With the new season including a new agent, map changes, the Kuronami Bundle, and the Outlaw Sniper, we understand the hype.

Earlier today, a new leak was released as the release of the Outlaw Sniper will be followed by a special bundle called Throwback Pack.

Here's everything we know about it!

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Throwback Pack - Release Date

The Throwback Pack will be released to Valorant with the launch of Episode 8 Act 1, which will take place on Jan. 10 at 7 PM ET.

This special bundle will only be available to Valorant's upcoming new weapon, the Outlaw Sniper.

Throwback Pack - Skins

The Throwback Pack will include skins that had been previously released in the game. This time, however, they will be exclusive to the Outlaw Sniper.

With these skins being "recycled", not everyone has welcomed them with open arms. However, we think it's a great option to get started on the Outlaw Sniper.

Throwback Pack - Price

Unfortunately, the price for the Throwback Pack is still unknown. However, we don't think the weapon skins will be very expensive.

The Outlaw Sniper has caused a lot of hype around the Valorant community due to its killing potential. According to the leaks, the gun will deal 238, 140, and 119 damage for shots on the head, body, and legs, respectively. Plain and simple, getting shot by the Outlaw Sniper is a death sentence.

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