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Valorant Scales of Fortune Event: Release date, skins, rewards, and more

A new event for the Year of the Dragon is starting soon

Valorant Scales of Fortune Event Release date, skins, rewards, and more

Apart from doing some adjustments, update 8.02 for Valorant brings a new event called Scales of Fortune to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The event will start soon and we have gathered all the information available so you can get ready for it.

Release date

Riot Games hasn't officially announced a release date, however, we believe that the content from Valorant's Scales of Fortune event will be activated on Wednesday, February 7.

Since Riot usually launches new content on Wednesdays after the rollout of an update and with the Lunar New Year celebrations taking place on February 10, it will make sense if the event begins before that date.

It's difficult to predict an end date for the event, but we believe it will last between one and two weeks.

Event Pass

Scales of Fortune will bring a new event pass to Valorant, meaning that players will be able to unlock some new rewards. Just like with the normal Battle Pass, you can level up this mini pass by simply playing the game and gathering experience.

To be precise, the pass only has 6 levels and you will need 80,300 XP to complete it. Here is the list of rewards available:

  • "Fortune Booster" Title
  • "Fortune Paws" Gunbuddy
  • "Loong Kee" Playercard
  • "Delightful Stretch" Spray
  • 20 Radianite Points 

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