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Valorant Evori Dreamwings Bundle: Skins, price, variants, release date, and more!

If you love kittens, this skin is for you

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Valorant's most recent bundles have been a big success. On April 28, Riot Games announced the arrival of Valorant's Mystbloom Bundle, the game's most popular pink skin line. Only a month later, Riot Games brought back some of the community's favorite cosmetics in the yearly bundle Give Back 2024.

As we approach the launch of Patch 9.00, Riot Games decided to steal the show again with another unique concept: cats. Valorant's Evori Dreamwings Bundle will have a kitten that players will be able to display every time they check their weapon.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the Evori Dreamwings Bundle!

Evori Dreamwings Bundle - Release date

Normally, Valorant's Evori Dreamwings Bundle would be released with the launch of Patch 9.00. However, Riot Games recently decided to change the way they introduce skins to the game.

According to a post made by Valorant's official X (formerly known as Twitter) account, "starting with Patch 9.00, new content will be available in-game the day AFTER the patch release, with store updates coming the day after that."

Therefore, considering that Valorant's Patch 9.00 will be released on June 25, Valorant's Evori Dreamwings Bundle will be officially released on June 27.

Evori Dreamwings Bundle - Price

Valorant's Evori Dreamwings Bundle price isn't official yet. However, according to @ValorantUpdated's leak, Valorant's Evori Dreamwings Bundle will cost 9,900 VP.

Evori Dreamwings Bundle - Skins and variants

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The Evori Dreamwings Bundle will include four gun skins and one Melee cosmetic for the following weapons:

  • Vandal
  • Odin
  • Spectre
  • Ghost
  • Melee

The variants included in the Evori Dreamwings Bundle are purple, pink, green, and red. Players will be able to equip these to all of the weapons included in the bundle.

In a video released by @ValorantLeaksEN, players have already seen in action the Evori Dreamwings Bundle on the Vandal. The weapon skins include a cat, which starts flying around the weapon when the gun owner decides to check the gun.

A video of Valorant's Evori Dreamwings Melee skin has also been leaked on X. The Melee has a ribbon at the top and some butterflies flying around it. We expect this one to become very popular in the upcoming days!

Evori Dreamwings Bundle - Finisher

Valorant's Evori Dreamwings Bundle also includes a Finisher animation, which is displayed when the gun owner kills the last enemy.

Evori Dreamwings Bundle's finishing animation sees the four cats flying to the sky, which instantly gets dark and displays the silhouette of each kitten.

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