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Valorant Give Back 2024 Bundle: Skins, price, release date, and more!

Your favorite cosmetics may be making a return soon

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Banner Image: @ValorLeaks

Although Valorant is one of the most popular shooters in the gaming community due to the game's characters and their abilities, the game's aesthetics and cosmetics developed by Riot Games always steal the show.

Recently, the Mystbloom Bundle launch got everyone excited as Riot Games worked on a pink skinline for the first time. Moreover, not long ago, other bundles had a great impact on the fanbase including the Kuronami Bundle and the XEROFANG Bundle.

With Valorant having released so many brilliant cosmetics, sometimes it's better to re-release some of those skins over producing new ones. By doing that, players who were not in the game when these cosmetics were launched can get their hands on them. That's exactly why the Valorant Give Back Bundle is one of the greatest cosmetic sets launched.

According to popular Valorant leaker ValorLeaks, Valorant's Give Back Bundle is making a return soon. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming edition of the Valorant Give Back Bundle!

Give Back 2024 Bundle - Release Date

Unfortunately, we still haven't got a release date for the Valorant Give Back 2024 Bundle. However, since the official arts for this year's bundles have leaked, we expect it to come out either on Thursday, May 30 after patch 8.10 rolls out in all regions or sometime next week.

The bundles should be out before the release of patch 8.11, as this will probably bring brand-new cosmetics to the shop.

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In 2023, the Valorant Give Back Bundle included the Magepunk for Valorant's Sheriff, the Recon for Valorant's Spectre, the Reaver for Valorant's Guardian, and the Gaia's Vengeance for Valorant's Vandal. Additionally, the bundle included two Gunbuddies and a Player Card.

Valorant's Give Back Bundle for 2023 was released in July 2023 with the launch of Valorant's Patch 7.01.

Give Back 2024 Bundle - Weapons and skins

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In April 2024, Valorant's X account (formerly Twitter) started a poll to give Valorant's fans a chance to decide what skins would be included in this year's Give Back Bundle.

Here are the winners for each one of the polls:

  • Oni Phantom (53,7%) vs. Ion Vandal (46,3%)
  • Ion Sheriff (52,9) vs. Valiant Hero Ghost (47,1%)
  • Reaver Operator (59,7) vs. Sovereign Guardian (40,3%)
  • Reaver Spectre (76,1%) vs. Gaia's Vengeance Ares (23,9%)

Here's a closer look at all of the weapon skins that will be included in Valorant's Give Back 2024 Bundle:

Oni Phantom

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The Oni Phantom was first released to Valorant in July 2021 during Patch 1.04. Later on, in March 2023, the Oni skinline made a brief return to the game.

Ion Sheriff

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The Ion collection was first released to Valorant in November 2020. Later on, in October 2022, the bundle made a return to Valorant.

Reaver Operator

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The Reaver bundle was first released to Valorant in October 2020 and made a short return to Valorant in August 2022. This is one of the most popular skins in Valorant and we expect the Reaver Operator to be the jewel of the crown of the Give Back 2024 Bundle.

Reaver Spectre

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The Reaver Bundle made such an impact on Valorant that players will arguably always choose it over any other set of cosmetics. That's why the Reaver Spectre is also making a return.

Give Back 2024 Bundle - Price

While a price hasn't been confirmed for the Give Back 2024 Bundle yet, we expect this cosmetic pack to cost around 6,300 VP. Each weapon should cost around 1,700 VP.

As soon as we have a confirmation regarding the Give Back 2024 Bundle price and release date, we will update the article with the pertinent information.

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