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Valorant Emberclad Bundle: Skins, price, and everything we know about it

After the latest update, a new skinline is coming to the game's store

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Update 8.01 for Valorant is already here and it brings a new skin bundle called Emberclad. Although the bundle hasn't been officially revealed, the usual suspects leaked its existence and a few details about it.

In case you're planning to get some new cosmetics, here's the limited info we have on this new skinline.

Release date

The Emberclad skin bundle for Valorant doesn't have a release date yet, but we can make some reasonable speculations. Now that the new cosmetics are already in the game's files, we can expect it to come out very soon.

The skinline should be released before the end of the month and since new bundles are usually added to the store on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, we believe it's coming out on the 24th, 30th, or 31st of January.


As you can tell, the bundle contains 5 new skins that have a mostly gray/charcoal color with some magma/lava hints on the barrel and magazine. Here are the guns included in the bundle:

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  • Frenze
  • Phantom
  • Bulldog
  • Spectre

On top of that, the melee weapon from this bundle is basically a hybrid between a giant hammer and an axe. We still don't know the sound effects or VFX or this skinline, so we will have to wait for more info about it.


If you're wondering about the price, it will mostly depend on the amount of animations these new cosmetics have. The collection might have a standard price of 7100 VP, with the melee weapon costing 3550 VP and each gun costing 1775 VP if acquired individually

Once the remaining information gets released, we will be updating this article so you know what to expect from this bundle before it's available.

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