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Valorant Cypher Agent Guide: Abilities, tips and tricks

Here's everything you need to know about Cypher!

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Cypher is a Valorant agent who plays as a Sentinel. This Moroccan agent was included in the Beta version of Valorant, which was fully released in June 2021.


Are you worried about protecting your flanks? You can say no more with Cypher. The Moroccan agent is the perfect character to gather and deny information while protecting your back.

Here's everything you need to know about Cypher's abilities!

Basic - Trapwire

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Cypher's Trapwire's are excellent for avoiding flanks while attacking and making it difficult for enemies to plant the Spike.

Once a Trapwire is placed and an enemy walks through it, the gadget will be triggered, concussing, revealing, and tethering the opponent.

Basic - Cyber Cage

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The Cyber Cage is a gadget that creates a zone that blocks vision and plays an audio cue once enemies attempt to cross it.

Signature - Spycam

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Spycam allows Cypher to place a camera to get information regarding the location of his opponents. While using the camera, Cypher can shoot a marking dart. Players affected by it will have to hold F to disable it.

Ultimate - Neural Theft

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Cypher uses his robotic hat to get the location of every opponent alive on the map. Their silhouettes are revealed to Cypher and his teammates twice in four seconds.

How to use Cypher in Valorant?

Using Cypher properly in Valorant is about getting the most out of his gadgets. Remember, he's a Sentinel, not a Duellist. He doesn't go for kills; instead, he must be used to gather and deny information.

With this in mind, here are some tips to use Cypher in Valorant!

Use your trapwire to stop flanks

Trapwires are useful in defense as they stop and slow down attackers. However, while attacking, Cypher's trapwires are still a crucial piece of utility.

Place your trapwires to stop the enemies from flanking or rotating during a post-plant. If you do that, it will get harder for attackers to move freely around the map, especially when trying to flank you and your teammates.

Use your cybercage to create new angles of sight

Cybercages are slightly different from smokes as Cypher's gadget can create new angles of sight. You can do that by pairing them with Cypher's Trapwires: after triggering a Trapwire, the Cybercage will follow.

Additionally, you can use your Cybercages to get cover, which will make it difficult for the opponents to know your position.

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