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Valorant Clove Agent Guide: Abilities, tips and tricks

Here's how to play Clove in Valorant!

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Clove is a Valorant agent who plays as a Controller. The Scottish agent was released in March 2024 and it's the first and so far only non-binary character in the game.


Clove's abilities make the Scottish agent a versatile one. While Clove is a Controller, they can be used as a support or even an entry.

Here's everything you need to know about Clove's abilities!

Basic - Pick Me Up

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Clove can use her ability Pick Me Up straight after killing an enemy to gain haste and temporarily heal theirself.

Basic - Meddle

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Clove can generate an orb through her Meddle ability. They can throw the orb at enemies, which temporarily decays all of the targets hit by it.

Signature - Ruse

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Ruse allows Clove to open a mini-map, similar to the one Brimstone has. There, Clove can pick where their smokes will be deployed.

Clove can use Ruse after dying. The Scottish agent will be able to open a small map to support the teammates who are still alive.

Ultimate - Not Dead Yet

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Clove's Ultimate Not Dead Yet allows the Scottish agent to revive after being killed. However, there's a twist: Clove will have to kill an enemy within twelve seconds, otherwise they will automatically die.

How to play Clove in Valorant?

Four weeks after Clove's release to Valorant, some players still don't know much about the Scottish agent. Here are some tips to quickly learn the basics!

Be aggressive

Although Clove is a Controller, many players use the Scottish agent as a Duellist. This is because Clove's abilities are very aggressive.

Of course, Clove can support their teammates with their smoke clouds. However, their Ultimate is quite selfish and can't be shared. The same can be said about Meddle, whose only goal is to decay Clove's enemies, and Pick Me Up, whose boost only affects them.

Use Meddle before your gunfights

Using Meddle comes in handy when you have to initiate a gunfight. If you know the location of an opponent, throw the orb at them to lower their health as much as possible. Your chances of success will improve massively!

Learn how to place smokes

While Clove can be used aggressively, don't forget about their smokes. Learn how to place smokes around the different maps in Valorant to get the best out of their loadout. At the same time, you will be supporting your teammates.

Don't go to your phone after dying

Many players forget about the game after they have been killed. Communication is crucial especially when you can check your teammates' POVs. However, it's even more important when you're Clove as the Scottish agent can throw smokes after being killed. If you go AFK after dying, you are missing out on an important aspect of the non-binary agent!

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