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Valorant Champions 2024 bundle: Release date, skins, weapon, price, and more

Here's what you can expect from the Valorant Champions 2024 bundle.

Valorant Champions Bundle

With the Valorant Champions 2024 being just around the corner, fans are already excited to see the best sixteen teams traveling to Seoul, South Korea, to crown a new world champion.

Although the teams competing in this year's Valorant Champions haven't been unveiled yet, these will be known by the end of July as teams compete in their respective VCT Stage 2 Playoffs.

Furthermore, the celebration of Valorant's biggest tournament of the year also means the release of a new Valorant Champions bundle. These sets of cosmetics are considered to be some of the best in the store; trust us, they are always bangers. Therefore, it makes sense to see people being more excited by the bundle's release date than the tournament itself.

If you are one of those, this article is for you. Keep on reading to know more about the Valorant Champions 2024 Bundle, including its price, the skins included, and its release date!

Valorant Champions 2024 Release Date

Unfortunately, the release date for the Valorant Champions 2024 bundle hasn't been revealed yet. Popular leaker ValorantUpdated speculated on X (formerly Twitter) that the bundle will be revealed in the week of July 22.

This prediction lines up with the previous two drops, as both the Valorant Champions 2022 and the Valorant Champions 2023 bundles launched the week before the start of their respective tournament.

Considering the Valorant Champions 2024 will kick off on August 1, we expect Riot Games to launch the Valorant Champions 2024 Bundle during the last week of July.

Valorant Champions 2024 Weapon

Although it's too early to say what weapon will be able to equip the Valorant Champions 2024 cosmetic, we expect Riot Games to choose the Phantom for this year's skin. Additionally, the Valorant Champions Bundle also includes a cosmetic for the Melee (knife).

We think the Phantom will be chosen as this year's Valorant Champions gun because Riot Games has always rotated the Vandal and the Phantom for the Valorant Champions bundle. Here's how the guns have rotated since the tournament's first edition:

  • Valorant Champions 2021: Vandal
  • Valorant Champions 2022: Phantom
  • Valorant Champions 2023: Vandal

Therefore, it makes sense to see the Phantom being the weapon chosen for this year's Valorant Champions bundle. However, Riot Games could surprise us by going for a sniper, like the Outlaw or the Operator. We will update this article as soon as we know it!

Valorant Champions 2024 Skin

Unfortunately, Riot Games has yet to unveil this year's skin. However, looking at the previous editions of the Valorant Champions bundle, we expect the skin to include dark colours combined with some electric tones, like yellow or golden.

Here's a look at all of the skins released for Valorant Champions since its first edition, in 2021:

Valorant Champions 2021 Skin

Valorant Champions 2021 Bundle

The Valorant Champions 2021 Bundle featured the game's most popular gun, the Vandal. The colours chosen for this gun skin were black and golden, the same as the ones featured in the Melee.

Valorant Champions 2022 Skin

Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle

The Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle was the first one featuring the Phantom. Although the Phantom is less deadly than the Vandal, fans still welcomed the bundle with open arms. Will we have another Phantom bundle later this summer?

Valorant Champions 2023 Skin

Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle

Last but not least, the Vandal made a return in the Valorant Champions 2023 bundle. Riot Games decided to combine purple, black, and golden to make one of the most precious gun skins in the game.

Valorant Champions 2024 Price

Looking at past occasions, we expect the Valorant Champions 2024 to cost 6,167 Valorant Points (VP). In other words, we expect this year's Valorant Champions to cost around US$60. However, players will be able to purchase the items included in the bundle individually.

The Valorant Champions 2024 Bundle should also include a Gun Buddy, a Spray, a Player Card, and two Player Titles.

We will update this article as soon as more information is revealed regarding the Valorant Champions 2024 Bundle. In the meantime, make sure to check out Siege.GG for more information about Valorant and more shooters!

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