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Valorant Abyss map: Release date, trailer, screenshots, and more

Time to go underground

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After sharing a few teaser images on social media, Riot has officially revealed the next map coming to Valorant, Abyss. This new location will added to the current map pool rotation after the launch of patch 8.11.

We have gathered all the relevant details about this new location so you can start reading about it before its arrival.


Abyss will be the eleventh map for the classic Valorant game mode and the first one since the arrival of Sunset in August of last year. Riot has been teasing this map since the start of Episode 8 Act 2 through a Player Card that featured an image alluding to this location.

As the name suggests, this location takes place inside a giant cavern. The map itself has a three-lane layout, contains two sites, and features several "Death drops", meaning players can fall to their death.

On top of what we mentioned, the map will allow for vertical gameplay by featuring places where players can take shortcuts by jumping or branching mid-paths. Here is the minimap for Abyss:

When is the Abyss map coming out?

Players won't have to wait long to try this new map as it's set to come out on Tuesday, June 11/Wednesday, June 12 with the launch of patch 8.11.

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Credit: Riot Games

The game's servers will undergo a maintenance period before the release of the new patch, to allow developers to make the necessary preparations. North America, LATAM, and Brazil servers will go down on Tuesday at 6:00 am PT and come back up at around 10:00 am PT, barring any issues.

European players will have to wait a little bit longer as their servers will go down at 4:00 am BST on Wednesday, June 12, and should return at 8:00 am BST on that same day.

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