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Top Esports Tournaments To Keep Your Eyes On In 2024

A list of the biggest esports events for this year

Top Esports Tournaments To Keep Your Eyes On In 2024

If you’re an esports fan, whether an avid admirer or just a casual enthusiast, you’re probably
already raring to go for the upcoming year of 2024, looking to take home bragging rights about
being able to pick out the best player or team from a sea of faces or show you’ve got killer
instinct when it comes to which trophy will go to who. You’re going to want to be looking for the
ultimate esports tournament to check out - and we’ve got you covered with a list of some of the
best competitions, plus info about who’s going to be there and what games we’re likely to see
take the spotlight! Let’s hit that “start” button, launch into the arena, and start firing some
missiles in the world of esports tournaments.

IEM Katowice

Up close and personal already, with a starting date of January 31st, IEM Katowice is one to
remember for all the fans of Counter-Strike - and with CS2 hitting our screens in late 2023, this
tournament is guaranteed to make a real “bang” in the esports world! Oof, we can’t wait to get
started and see how the terrorists and counter-terrorists are going to wipe each other out in the
upcoming matches, and with the upgrades offered by CS2, we can pretty much guarantee this
is going to be one incredible showing. There are going to be eight teams, with G2 Esports as
the defending champions.

We’ll also be seeing the famous Complexity Gaming, Team Vitality, and FaZe Clan, and with
that kind of lineup, it’s no wonder fans are holding their breath (triggers?), and audiences are
already at the edge of their seats. We can hardly wait for this one to start! It’s generating a ton
of buzz in the betting world too, since CS2 is a new beast with new claws - and a lot of people
are dying to see how it will all unfold as the new weapons and new skins come out. If you’re
thinking of plunging into the world of betting on tournaments for the first time, you might want to check out sites for esports bets - and if you’re a seasoned pro already, make sure you don’t
miss this opportunity to line your wallet while watching the gamers compete!

Six Invitational

Another upcoming tournament, Six Invitational is generating global buzz and we’re at the edge
of our seats (okay, we will be as soon as IEM Katowice hits “game over”) waiting to see how it’s
going to unfold. The Six Invitational Champions are Europe’s G2 Esports, and they’re going to
be looking to hang onto that trophy as tight as they can. We’re also likely to see DarkZero
Esports, which recently welcomed Beaulo back from retirement, to the excitement of many fans
- and probably w7m esports,, and possibly FaZe Clan.

Everyone’s dying to see who’s going to take home bragging rights this year, and bets are mostly
on a champion being from North America, Brazil, or Europe - though some Japanese and UAE
teams are looking strong too, giving bettors plenty to speculate on!

League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational

Hands up who’s waiting for LoL to take up its position? It’s easy to get so excited about the

upcoming tournaments that you forget what’s coming next - but we’ve got to think a bit more
long-term than that! If you glance further into the year, you’ll see League of Legends patiently
waiting its turn. After all, it’s got no need to rush; it consistently takes the lead as one of the
biggest esports out there, and nobody’s complaining. This tournament will hail the conclusion of regional LoL circuits and let us gather together to watch the best of the best fight for supremacy- in China, this year.

Riot has already announced a few changes in anticipation of this, including that the winner of
this tournament will have an automatic qualification for Worlds - which totally makes sense. The
defending champions JD Gaming are going to be looking to capitalize on that if they manage to
qualify, and many fans are already screaming their names in excitement as they wait for the
screen to load and the fun to begin.

VALORANT Champions

There’s not a whole lot of info out about this much-awaited tournament yet (keep your eyes
peeled) but we’d be remiss not to at least mention it, and the VALORANT fans might be out for
our blood. After all, VALORANT took home the 2023 Esports Game of the Year - which is
nothing to sneeze at!

It’s expected that it will leap onto the scene sometime toward the end of the summer, perhaps in
August or September, and we’re all dying to see whether Evil Geniuses (the defending
champions) will manage to hold their title - assuming that they compete. We can’t wait to see
what’s coming next for this competition, so keep your senses sharp and your gaze on the


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