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Two big NAL Week 2 Storylines: Big matchups and trash talking loom

There's going to be some fireworks this week.

Image via Ubisoft/@itsmeERROR

The second week of the North American League is here, and rivalries are going to be ignited. Beyond emotion, there are several teams that need favorable results in order to get their seasons back on track. Four games will be more than enough to say whether a team is on the right track for the stage or not, and whether some teams need to seriously reconsider their approach.

Hell in a Cell, featuring Supr and Budgea

It’s finally here – XSET vs. Soniqs. Seth “Supr” Hoffman and Matheus “Budega” Figueiredo are finally going to take the stage against each other, and we’ll see the real winner of the off season Twitter spat. 

XSET came into the stage with great expectations that they haven’t lived up to yet. Soniqs finally notched some international success at SI 2022, only to have a poor start to the stage. Both teams are looking for their first win of the stage, a fact that’s making this grudge match have more weight. Both teams are looking to get back on track in league play. This will be the first step for one team. 

Beastcoast get a shot to prove themselves again

A 7-8 loss to DarkZero shows that beastcoast has the potential to upset good teams. Another top tier squad is next on beastcoast’s plate: a terrifyingly good Oxygen squad.  Oxygen are looking like one of the best teams in the world right now, not just the North American League. What better squad to truly test the mettle of this high-upside beascoast than them?

After that, beastcoast will take on a struggling Soniqs roster that will likely be looking for a bit of redemption after an 0-2 week. Despite the recent struggles, beating Soniqs would be an excellent result for beastcoast as they fight to break the NAL top-five gridlock.