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The Finals update 3.3 patch notes

The Finals Season 3 Katana

Only three weeks after the launch of Season 3 of The Finals, Embark Studios is releasing a third patch to introduce a new rank, new cosmetics, and fix some bugs.

Here's everything you need to know about today's patch!

New Ruby Rank

Embark Studios have created a new rank for The Finals' competitive playlist called Ruby. Only the best 500 players of the season will end in this brand-new rank, which will be the highest one in the game.

According to Embark Studios' most recent announcement, this is what we can expect from Ruby:

Ruby is an exclusive rank for the very best of the best, as it’s only available for the top 500 players in the world! Unlike our other ranks, the Ruby rewards will only be fully rewarded at the end of the season, so you have to make sure you’re within those top 500 positions when the season ends!

We encourage you to try to reach The Finals' Ruby Rank. However, achieving that won't be a piece of cake!

New Cosmetics

The Finals fans will also have access to new cosmetics, which were shown in the game's most recent trailer.

For those unaware, The Finals' cosmetics can't be compared to the ones seen in other shooters like Valorant or Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The Finals' gun skins are often extremely smart as they use unique concepts.

Today, The Finals' update sees the introduction of a "Blue Print" skin with two pencils attached to the weapon. That's not the only skin to be released in today's update, so make sure to check out the game's store!

Bug Fixes

Last but not least, Embark Studios are introducing the following bug fixes and updates to The Finals:


  • New players will now play a tutorial that corresponds to the first gamemode they decide to try out.



  • Fixed Quick Melee and Shotgun/Marksman Rifle contracts which were not working
  • Weekend contracts will now be removed when the weekend ends
  • "Weekend contracts" text will only be visible on the World Tour tile when available
  • Hid the timer for elapsed stages of the World Tour



  • Fixed a bug where destruction could cause wrong simulation behavior in some situations

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