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Team Falcons win Warzone Esports World Cup

Team Falcons have won Warzone's Esports World Cup.

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Team Falcons have won Warzone's Esports World Cup after a tough series of matches played in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The American-majority roster dominated most of Warzone's Esports World Cup despite the team's slow start to the tournament, as they finished in eighth place in the Solo Stage.

Throughout the first day of action, we saw some surprising performances like StableJay's unexpected map win while stepping in Team Destroy to replace his brother Alex "Destroy" Benabe.

However, Team Falcons stole the show in the Group Stage, with the three-man roster taking 100.8 and 154.4 points in their performances against Group A+B and Group A+C teams, respectively. After averaging 255.2 points, one hundred more than the second-placed SvGe Sports, the Saudi organization took the first seed to the final day of action.

Following a strong start to the Finals, Team Falcons' results in games three and four, combined with Fnatic grabbing 90 points across those two maps, created a tough race for the championship between the two organizations. Eventually, Team Falcons won the championship after two rock-solid performances in games six and eight.

With this result, Team Falcons has become the first organization to get its name on the Esports World Cup totem. As of now, the Saudi Arabian brand is the favorite to take home the US$7M given to the Club Championship winner.

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