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Family is forever, even in Warzone: Jay wins Esports World Cup match after subbing in for his brother

a man wearing headphones stands in front of a sign that says esports world cup

You know what people often say, there's nothing more important in life than family and friends... even in esports.

Today, the Esports World Cup officially kicked off with the start of the Warzone matches, which saw 21 teams dropping on the arena to compete for a prize pool of US$200,000. The winners will be unveiled on July 6, when the final games take place.

However, with the start of the group stage, we had the chance to see the Warzone players competing in solos. Unfortunately, Team Destroy's player Alex "Destroy" Benabe was hospitalized after "not feeling well" in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Instead, Destroy's brother StableJay stepped in and was given the green light to represent the team in today's games.

Eventually, the risky decision paid off. Against all of the odds, StableJay won the second match of the day with five kills, helping Team Destroy to climb up to ninth place in the Solo Stage standings.

Despite the player's great result in the second map of the day, Twisted Minds kept their first spot on the Solos Standings following an impeccable performance by the Canadian zSmit, who currently has 33.2 points after obtaining 22 eliminations across the first two maps of the day. That's ten more points than the whole amount secured by Team Destroy, who accumulated 22 units.

With more maps being played today, StableJay will have more chances to show off his skills as a Warzone player. We will update this article with more information about his performance throughout today once today's action is over!

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