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T1 releases Rainbow Six Siege roster after contract expiry

It is unclear if the organization will stay in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Slightly over a year after its entry into Rainbow Six, T1 has released the entirety of its playing and coaching roster after the expiry of their contracts.

In 2021, T1 had finished the first stage of the APAC North season with zero points and had also only managed three points in Stage 2. A hodgepodge roster with a coach standing in then seemed to switch on, as T1 secured nine points, only three points behind an APAC Playoff berth, but still finished seventh.

As a result, T1 had to play through the APAC North Relegations, though it survived the challenge from REJECT, who also eventually joined T1 in APAC North for 2022.

Juwan "Player 2933" Park was then signed to formally fill the fifth spot on the team, with Junhyuk "Player 742" Lim returning to his proper coaching role, but T1 was still three points adrift of an APAC Playoff position in Stage 1 of the 2022 season. Comparatively, all three other Korean teams managed to be in the top four, though none qualified for the Charlotte Major.

Domestically, T1 managed two top two, one top four, and one top six placements in the Korean Open, but never won the domestic title unlike DWG KIA and Talon Esports.

It is currently unclear if T1 will sign a new roster in Rainbow Six, or what the future of its former roster will be.

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