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Six Invitational 2024 Day 3 Preview: Do-or-die clash for FearX and Ninjas in Pyjamas

We are now headed to the third day of the Six Invitational 2024.

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As we head to the third day of the Six Invitational 2024, here's everything you need to know about the upcoming eight games.

Six Invitational 2024 Day 3 Matches

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. FearX

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Ninjas in Pyjamas head to their third match at the Six Invitational 2024 in critical condition. After collecting two defeats against G2 Esports and DarkZero Esports, the Brazilians currently sit at the bottom of Group A's standings.

Therefore, the team's match against FearX is crucial. Another defeat for the Six Invitational 2021 champions would put the roster between a rock and a hard place, as they would have to defeat Geekay Esports and hope for the right results to happen.

Although FearX's situation is similar, the South Koreans have one match in hand as they have only played against G2 Esports so far.

G2 Esports vs. Geekay Esports

G2 Esports and Geekay Esports meet again at an international competition after clashing for the first time in Atlanta, United States. Back then, the European powerhouse won the match by 7-5 (Skyscraper).

Following a perfect start to the Six Invitational 2024 with victories over Ninjas in Pyjamas and FearX, the current world champions could secure a Group A Top 2 finish by defeating the Saudi Arabian-majority roster.

Meanwhile, Geekay Esports' 1-2 defeat against DarkZero Esports left them in third place with one match in hand over the Europeans and the Americans.

DPlus vs. Wolves Esports

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Following Wolves Esports' victory against Team Bliss and FaZe Clan's defeat versus Spacestation Gaming, the Frenchmen are now favorites to take Group B's first seed.

The team's next opposition will be DPlus, as they will meet on Day 2. Both teams clashed at the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta as the European roster was the victorious side after wins on Chalet (7-1) and Skyscraper (7-4).

Spacestation Gaming vs. Team Bliss

Following Spacestation Gaming's victory against FaZe Clan, the Americans are now one of the favorites alongside Wolves Esports to take Group B's first seed.

Today, the astronauts will meet Team Bliss. Although the Americans are the favorites to win the match, it's worth remembering that the pink organization was one round away from defeating Spacestation Gaming at the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta. Everything can happen.

w7m esports vs. Virtus.Pro

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The Bulls and the Bears will clash on Day 3 of the Six Invitational 2024 in what's potentially going to be the best match of the day.

After winning their first two matches in the competition, w7m esports currently tops Group C's standings. Defeating the Russian side would see the BLAST R6 Major Copenhagen and BLAST R6 Major Atlanta champions making a huge step towards the group's first seed.

Meanwhile, Virtus.Pro's 1-2 loss against Team Liquid on Day 1 was followed by a 2-0 victory against M80. The Russians defeated the Americans after winning on Border (7-2) and Bank (8-6).

Before the Six Invitational 2024, both Virtus.Pro and w7m esports have only clashed once. It was in Atlanta, when the Bulls defeated the Bears by 7-3.

Team Liquid vs. Bleed Esports

Following the Brazilians' victory against Virtus.Pro and after not playing on Day 2, the Blue roster is the favorite to take the win against Bleed Esports.

However, the Asians head to today's match after winning one match against the double Six Major champions, w7m esports.

SCARZ vs. Team Falcons

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SCARZ and Team Falcons will meet in a Rainbow Six Siege match for the first time later today, as the Japanese are the favorites to take the win.

After having already lost against LOS and FURY, Team Falcons find themselves between a rock and a hard place. A loss against the Japanese would put the Saudi Arabian-majority in a position where they would have to beat Soniqs to keep their playoff hopes alive.


After LOS' defeat against Soniqs, it will be very difficult for the Brazilians to take the group's first seed. They will have the chance to redeem themselves against FURY, who come from collecting their first Six Invitational win, as they defeated Team Falcons on Day 2.

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