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SiegeGG Year 7 Rookie of the Year

Since his top-flight debut, Spoit has been putting up impressive numbers.

It is one thing to have an incredible following around you before you even make your top-flight debut. It is another to find yourself winning a Six Major mere months after you make that debut. And it is something else if you are the MVP during that title-winning run.

That was the story of SiegeGG Year 7 Rookie of the Year, William "Spoit" Löfstedt, who only turned 18 years-old on Apr. 11 last year.

He made his debut on Jun. 20 and by Aug. 21, he was a Major champion. At the Berlin Major, he was the best Rogue player at the Berlin Major, finishing with a SiegeGG Rating of 1.09, a +25 K-D (second-best on his team), and a jaw-dropping Entry split of +11 -- the highest on his team and the third-highest at the entire event.

This followed a meteoric EUL stage for him, where he had a 1.30 SiegeGG Rating and +42 K-D -- both the highest in the league. He also had the second-highest entry statistics in Stage 2 and was unstoppable domestically.

He played well despite a poor Rogue showing in Stage 3, but stepped it up for the Six Invitational 2023 -- once more returning to the form that helped his team win the Berlin Major.

In Montreal, he had the fifth-highest SiegeGG Rating of any player once all was said and done, as well as the eighth-highest K-D and the 10th-highest entry K-D. As a result, KOI found themselves placing in the top six -- only falling to a remarkably clutch Astralis.

Spoit is unquestionably the hottest prospect in all of Siege right now, even if he has not even completed a full calendar year of competitive play just yet. How much further can the Rookie of Year 7 go?

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