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SiegeGG Caster of the Year

2022 was his first full season as a caster.

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Siege commentary saw a significant boost in the 2022 season, with the addition of various new commentators and analysts across the world. Existing commentators also worked on their craft further, but there was one in particular amongst the English-language world that stood out.

Compared to his illustrious playing career, Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen certainly has some way to go to become one of the Siege casting greats like the late Michael "KiXSTAr" Stockley and his current casting partner, Parker "Interro" Mackay.

However, in Year 7, he has certainly made incredible strides in a new role within the competitive Rainbow Six Siege scene.

Suddenly thrust onto the desk at the Sweden Major in Nov. 2021 after the tragic passing of KiXSTAr, Pengu took the new challenge in his stride got to work improving his craft. He quickly got more opportunities to get more commentary experience under his belt with the NAL relegations and Six Invitational 2022 qualifiers.

Throughout Year 7, Pengu kept improving in partnership with Interro. At the Charlotte Major, he got the taste of a tier-one grand-final for the first time ever. However, he largely stuck to analytical calls throughout the event and the subsequent Berlin Major -- usually opting to let Interro take the lead on the play-by-play moments.

The improvements in his commentary kept coming, though, and his weaknessess faded away. His Jönköping Major casts had a marked change from his Charlotte ones, with better enunciation, word choice, and flow.

His hard work was especially visible at the Six Invitational 2023, with his colour commentary, play-by-play calls, and emotion at the best they have been.

As a result, Pengu is the deserving SiegeGG Caster of the Year for Year 7.

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