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Rogue eliminate home favourites G2 in tense double-OT win, progress to Berlin Major semi-finals

Rogue are now the only team without a Brazilian player at the Major.

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Image: Ubisoft/Kirill B.

After picking up the newly-18 wunderkind Spoit earlier this stage, Rogue have stormed to a semi-final appearance, their second in three Six Majors.

This comes after Rogue beat G2 Esports 2-0 in what was Shas' final game as the team's coach. This result is also a sweet one for both Kanto and Cryn, who eliminated their old organizations.

Map 1 - Bank

Cryn decimated G2 Esports at the beginning of Bank as Rogue went up 4-0 with little resistance. This was despite Nokk being banned, as he managed to net nine kills to two deaths in the opening five rounds.

G2 woke up, however, as they didn't want to see a repeat of their 1-7 loss to Rogue on Bank earlier this stage. The team won three out of the following four rounds, before Rogue went to map point.

By now, Cryn's power had waned on the defense and Alem4o had awoken. Both players were on 14 kills at 6-5 and a quadruple kill from Alem4o pushed G2 into overtime.

Two rounds later we were onto round 15, the decider.

Kanto and Leon got the two openings, which crucially included a kill onto Alem4o, before Leon was traded out. Kanto got a second onto Prano before CTZN and Virtue brought it into a 2v2.

Finally, Virtue was unable to clutch a 1v2, ending the map in Rogue's favour as he was killed by Deapek.

Map 2 - Club House

Alem4o's hot streak continued into the second map as he picked up five kills as his team led on the defence, 3-1, before a quadruple kill ended the half, 4-2.

Now, it was Rogue's turn for a comeback. Two rounds later, the teams were tied up -- Alem4o had slowed down on the attack and Spoit had picked it up for the first time this map.

Things quickly went from 4-4 to 5-5, thanks to a 1v2 clutch by Kanto over Virtue and Prano as they neared overtime.

Despite LeonGids dying early, round 12 came down to a 2v2. Virtue killed Cryn, leaving Deapek in a 1v2 on Echo. Just as Deapek was about to stop the plant and win the game, CTZN came and found him hiding in the basement to win the round and to take the game to overtime.

Another heartbreaking 8-7 scoreline loomed over the game, as both teams were hoping to end the game before that was needed.

A key double-kill from Cryn gave Rogue yet another match point before the game was settled, where Spoit killed the planter and allowed LeonGids to swing out and kill the final two players.

Rogue will now go on to face XSET tomorrow in the semi-finals as the only remaining non-Brazilian core roster remaining.

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