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Ready or Not 2024 roadmap

Everything you can expect

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Developer VOID Interactive revealed exciting news for all Ready or Not players as they have pulled the curtain on their 2024 roadmap of content.

On top of revealing that players could expect at least two big DLC drops during the year, VOID laid out plans for the entirety of 2024, including balance patches and bug fixes they'll be implementing over the coming months.

VOID had kept players in the dark as they were focusing on delivering a smooth early access experience, but now that the game is in its 1.0 version, they feel confident in sharing this information with the players. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the Ready or Not 2024 roadmap.

Ready or Not 2024 roadmap

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In short, there are two big DLC releases planned, one in spring titled Home Invasion and one scheduled to hit around Summer, with the name still yet to be revealed.

Players can expect new maps, weapons, and outfits when the DLC drops. Not only for those that purchase the expansions, though, as VOID confirmed, certain guns will be added to all players, as well as outfits.

On top of that, each DLC launch will ship with bug fixes for the entire game, including base content. All this is so that even players who don't own the expansions can get something out of it.

Beyond that, spring is also when the game will move from the 1.0 to the 1.1 version, marking the first significant update beyond just the DLC. The 1.2 version won't ship out with DLC 2, however, as it's expected to arrive on a later day during the fall.

So, in short:

  • DLC 1 and 1.1 version: Spring 2024
  • DLC 2: Summer 2024
  • Ready or Not 1.2 version: Fall 2024

Are you excited for the upcoming DLC?

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