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Rainbow Six Siege releases new MUTE Protocol Merging Process Bundle

Another universal skin has hit the Rainbow Six Siege store!

M.U.T.E. Protocol is back to Rainbow Six Siege and alongside the event, a handful of brand-new cosmetics. However, what has caught the eye of the community has been the universal skins release, especially the Merging Process Bundle.

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Merging Process Bundle

Bundle Description: Flawlessly merge machinery and biology to improve humanity. Unlocks the Elegant Fusion weapon skin and weapon skin attachment, the Altered Being charm, as well as the Flesh and Metal operator card background.

With the arrival of M.U.T.E. Protocol to Rainbow Six Siege, we now have not one, but two, new universal skins at our disposal!

Among the two new universal bundles, the Merging Process Bundle might be the most complete and beautiful. There's no accounting for taste, but the blue and purple shades and the design make this universal skin a must-have. If that wasn't enough, the bundle includes a charm, a universal attachment skin, and a universal operator card background. Isn't that cool?

If you are not a big fan of the Merging Process Bundle, don't worry. The Mechanical Hue Bundle is back to the game, a skin that combines yellow, blue, and red shades to create a futuristic universal cosmetic. Although the bundle doesn't include an attachment skin, it includes a charm and a universal operator card background. 

Both bundles can be purchased for 1,680 R6 Credits. Keep in mind that you can't purchase the cosmetics individually, so if you want a certain item you will have to buy the whole bundle.

How to get better in M.U.T.E. Protocol?

M.U.T.E. Protocol is a 5v5 game mode that somewhat follows the system used on Team Deathmatch. In this time-limited event, players must unlock the Golden Hammer to destroy the objective, called Brain Case.

You can get better in M.U.T.E. Protocol by training your aim, as you must win gunfights to get better gun loadouts. You must also pay attention to your surroundings, as there are HP boosts and gun upgrades around the map. If you get lucky enough, you can win your team a round by finding these!

Also, keep in mind that this is a respawn-enabled game mode. Watch your surroundings, you might respawn in an unsafe area -- and dying means a downgrade in your weapon loadout.