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Rainbow Six Siege players have ideas for improving operator portraits

And it starts with Mopp.

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Rainbow Six Siege players have some suggestions for improving portraits.

Portraits were first introduced in the High Calibre battle pass and have been a hot topic ever since. At the time of their launch, fans wondered why you could end up with portraits of operators wearing skins you don't even own or have equipped.

These complaints have not wavered over the past few months. But now, Rainbow Six Siege fans have come up with some ways to instantly improve portraits. On Reddit, one player asked if Nokk's Hygienic skin and headgear should have a portrait.

In a game that's so serious and competitive, these kinds of goofy skins are not as common. This skin stands out for being more on the comedic side. While the question may have been a joke, the Rainbow Six Siege community instantly supported the idea.

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The inquiry brought up a more overall discussion about portraits. Many players expressed that completing an entire outfit, with headgear and uniform, should automatically unlock a portrait of the operator in that outfit. This would essentially be a reward for completing the outfit, allowing players to have a portrait that matches their operator's current appearance.

"After seeing the portrays in recent updates I think that if you have the headgear, uniform, weapon skin, and charm of a set you should automatically be granted a portrait of that set. If you only have the headgear and uniform, at the very least, you should be able to get it for a cheap enough price," one player said.

Another added: "I think they should have portraits for every full legendary skin combo on every skin."

Of course, this would mean Ubisoft would have to make portraits for every outfit on every operator. That's a pretty big task, but many players felt it was worth it. But if Ubisoft doesn't have the time, can they at least make an operator portrait for Mopp.

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