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Rainbow Six Siege launches new Kaid Elite Bundle

Kaid finally has his very own elite bundle.

Kaid is a very powerful operator in the current meta. He can electrify reinforced walls and hatches with his RTILA Electroclaw, a small gadget that can upset attackers if properly hidden.

On Feb. 2022, Kaid's GIGR teammate Sanaa "Nomad" El Maktoub was also given her very own Elite Bundle. Now, players will be able to get their hands on some Kaid cosmetics. 

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What does Kaid's elite bundle include?

Kaid's Elite Bundle is called Agent El Fassi. According to his Siege biography, after years of service, he was chosen as the Fortress Commander thanks to his "authoritative but ethical style."

His Elite Bundle includes a weapon skin for each one of his guns, as he has access to the AUG A3, the TCSG12, the .44 MAG Semi-Auto, and the LFP586. It also includes a special uniform, a headgear, a special card background, a special operator portrait, and a victory celebration.

Agent El Fassi shows us how Kaid looked when he was young. Keep in mind that Kaid is one of the oldest operators in the game (58), only surpassed by Zero (63).

Who is Kaid in Rainbow Six Siege?

Kaid is a Rainbow Six Siege defender released with Operation Wind Bastion, which dates back to Dec. 2018. 

Kaid was shown as an alternative to Bandit and Mute, operators that have been in the game since day one. He is also the only defender that can prevent attackers from opening reinforced hatches. Overall, the RTILA Electroclaw makes him a very viable operator to defend sites with hatches or with a great number of walls. 

On the other hand, Kaid's weapon set isn't the best in the game. His TCSG12 was insanely strong when the gun was first released in the game, but it was nerfed shortly after. He is frequently seen using the AUG A3, although the TCSG12 is a very useful weapon if the team needs a weapon to open new angles or make rotations.

As a secondary weapon, he can choose between the LFP586 or the .44 MAG Semi-Auto, a handgun with an x2.5 scope equipped.