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Rainbow Six Siege does April Fools in a way only R6 Siege can


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Ubisoft sent out a fire tweet on April Fools Day that played on the Rainbow Six Siege community's memes.

On April 1, Ubisoft announced a new 8-COG scope for Ash and Bandit, a "super-secret update" that is a "sight to behold." The amount of scopes in the second picture is honestly too hard to even count properly.

This meme touches upon a lot of the jokes within the Rainbow Six Siege community regarding scopes. Some have made jokes about the size of certain scopes while others have goofed on the number of scopes some operators use.

One Rainbow Six Siege player commented that having an arcade mode where every operator has an ACOG on every weapon would be a lot of fun. Ubisoft replied with another fake image that looked quite convincing, leaving the community cracking up at the swiftness of the response and the hilarious concept.

"As a Sledge main this makes me horny," one player joked.

Unlike other games that used goofier tricks like googly eyes and emoting minions, Rainbow Six Siege kept their April Fools joke a bit more realistic — an exaggeration of actual gameplay. This reflects how Rainbow Six Siege is often a bit more realistic and gritty in general than other games.

Despite Rainbow Six Siege's serious tone, the R6 community was clearly entertained by the absurd April Fools Day concept. Some even welcomed it, begging Ubisoft to add it to the game in some way.

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