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Rainbow Six Siege developers share Battleye banned account data

It's a bit underwhelming.

Ubisoft has given Rainbow Six Siege players an update on player protection,  providing some numbers on banned accounts. 

According to developers, many features are currently being developed to "reinforce players' protection," which will be released throughout the year. The updates will be put on the game's new player protection page, creating a hub for anti-cheat, banned accounts, anti-toxicity, and other improvements. 

Rainbow Six Siege currently uses Battleye to help prevent cheating and catch hackers. Ubisoft recently released some numbers that show the efficiency of Battleye. 

From August 2020 to January 2022, 166,395 accounts have been banned thanks to Battleye and collected data. 

These numbers are unfortunately not the most impressive and many Rainbow Six Siege fans are still concerned about the game's integrity. Hacking is a huge problem for FPS games, with cheaters using wall hacks, aim hacks, and even movement hacks to unfairly get the upperhand on opponents.