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Rainbow Six Siege controller users are getting layout presets, with full remapping on the way

The wins keep coming for console Siege players.

As part of their Year 8 reveal panel, Ubisoft today announced further changes that will help improve the console Siege experience.

Yesterday, Ubisoft announced the upcoming addition of the MouseTrap anti-cheat in the mid-season Y8S1.2 update for Operation Commanding Force. That feature seeks to prevent mouse and keyboard users from gaining an unfair advantage on console against controller players.

Additionally, Ubisoft will soon be adding the option for controller players on Siege to be able to select various different presets for button layouts in the near future. This will likely be similar to other FPS shooters like Call of Duty or Halo, where players can switch between different button presets depending on how they like to play.

Some time after that, they are also aiming to allow full remapping of controller buttons -- just like how PC users can change what buttons on their mice and keyboards do.

The change will presumably be well received by Siege players on the console, for whom the playing experience is just getting better and better with some dedicated love.

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