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Rainbow Six Siege announces fix for Defuser Falling bug

A fix for the Defuser Falling bug may come next season.

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Operation Dread Factor arrived at Rainbow Six Siege on May 30 as multiple new features were included to the game. As always, the community welcomed with open arms the majority of changes, especially Consulate's rework and the game's new operator Fenrir.

Nevertheless, the arrival of a new season also means the appearance of new bugs to fix. To help the developers, it's important that the players report any potential problem to R6 Fix. Giving a hand to the developers, especially on the Test Server, is very important for the future of Rainbow Six Siege.

Unfortunately, the bugs introduced to the game with the arrival of Operation Dread Factor had a big impact in the final result of most of the Ranked matches.

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Rainbow Six Siege Defuser Falling Bug

On Jun. 2023, Rainbow Six Siege aknowledged the appearance of a bug affecting the Defuser Planting animation.

After planting the defuser, the defenders would automatically win the round due to the defuser falling through the map.

This is very similar to when the attackers plant the defuser on a hatch and the defenders open it. When that happens, the defenders automatically win the round because the defuser is no longer in the Bomb site.

While the hatch effect is planned, the Defuser Falling Bug isn't. That's why Rainbow Six Siege developers have been working hard for a solution, which may come sooner than expected.

Until then, as reported by Rainbow Six Siege, Ubuisoft "have temporarily disabled the Defuser Pickup option that was made available with Y8S2.2."

Defuser Falling Bug Fix to come soon

Earlier this week, Rainbow Six Siege announced a potential fix for the Defuser Falling Bug.

Unluckily, the fix hasn't come to the live version of Rainbow Six Siege yet. According to Rainbow Six Siege's tweet, "since this affects the game's core mechanics, this update will release on the upcoming TS first before making it to live servers."

So, Rainbow Six Siege have temporarily deactivated the Defuser Pickup option as it "should be reactivated next season, at the earliest."

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