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Rainbow Six Mobile releases new game mode called Blast Pit

Blast Pit is Rainbow Six Mobile's new game mode!

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With the arrival of Rainbow Six Mobile's soft launch in Canada and Mexico, Ubisoft is making some steps forward and decided to bring a new game mode called Blast Pit.

If you love explosions and Rainbow Six Siege, Blast Pit could be your favorite Rainbow Six Mobile game mode!

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What is Blast Pit?

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Blast Pit is a time-limited game mode where players can only use Recruit and Impact grenades. This game mode follows the rules used on Team Deathmatch, which means players randomly spawn on the map once they are killed.

Blast Pit's rounds last for three minutes and the first team to reach 30 kills gets the point. The first team to win two rounds wins the game.

As guns haven't been forbidden in this game mode, players can kill their opponents with just one impact grenade explosion. We are talking of a very volatile game mode!

When will I be able to play Rainbow Six Mobile?

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Rainbow Six Mobile's soft launch has arrived in Canada and Mexico. However, we don't know yet when the video game will reach different countries. According to Ubisoft's most recent announcement, Rainbow Six Mobile will include more countries in the upcoming months.

Operation Fallen Sakura

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Earlier this week, Rainbow Six Mobile released its first season: Operation Fallen Sakura.

Operation Fallen Sakura is Rainbow Six Mobile's soft launch initial season. It includes brand-new features to the game, including a Ranked system, Blast Pit, and more!

As of now, Rainbow Six Mobile includes 18 different operators and Recruit. All of the operators feature in Rainbow Six Siege, so don't be afraid: we're sure you know all of them!

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