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Rainbow Six Mobile Operator Guide: Bandit

Bandit is a defender operator in Rainbow Six Mobile.

bandit rainbow six mobile guide

Although he's not the most popular operator in the Rainbow Six series, Bandit's importance in the game can't be denied.

In both Rainbow Six Mobile and Rainbow Six Siege, reinforcing the walls is the backbone of any rock-solid defense. That's how you protect soft walls from being destroyed by the attackers. But, when it comes to defending reinforced walls, there's no standard solution. Bandit is the solution.

Here's everything you need to know about Bandit in Rainbow Six Mobile!

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Bandit - Loadout

Bandit's primary weapon is the MP7 Submachine Gun. This is one of the best weapons on defense as it's easy to control and has a strong fire rate. His secondary weapon is the 5.7 USG Primary Gun. Meanwhile, Bandit's only gadget is the Barbed Wire.

Bandit - Role

Although Bandit's role in Rainbow Six Mobile is versatile, we believe he should be played as a flex or an anchor. His speed trait allows him to roam around any map, but his special device must be used at the Bombsite, not outside.

However, if the position of the attackers allows you to do so, we encourage you to use Bandit for late flanks.

How to use Bandit in Rainbow Six Mobile?

While it may look easy to use Bandit, it can get a bit tricky.

As we mentioned before, using Bandit is very important. Without him, hard breachers like Thermite and Hibana can open reinforced walls with no issues. For instance, Bandit's batteries must be placed on reinforced walls at the beginning of the round.

Once Bandit has placed his electric batteries, he can play outside the Bombsite. However, sometimes it may be good to play Bandit as an anchor.

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In Rainbow Six Siege, players use Bandit to do a strategy called "Bandit Tricking". Although we think it's too soon to say if it works on Rainbow Six Mobile, Bandit Tricking's goal is to burn the hard-breaching gadgets.

Unfortunately, unlike his Rainbow Six Siege loadout, Bandit doesn't have a C4 on Rainbow Six Mobile. This means that Bandit must use his Barbed Wire.

The Barbed Wire on Bandit's hands is even more powerful. The German operator can place his batteries on Barbed Wire so drones can't go through. Despite this being a very clever play, it is very easy to counter as batteries aren't bulletproof.

How to counter Bandit in Rainbow Six Mobile?

As we just mentioned, countering Bandit in Rainbow Six Mobile is very easy as batteries aren't bulletproof. This means that Bandit batteries can be destroyed by shooting them.

However, there are other counters. Thatcher is the clearest one, as his EMPs are designed to temporarily deactivate defensive gadgets, including cameras and Bandit batteries.

Ash's projectiles can also be used to destroy Bandit's batteries, which can't survive to explosions.

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