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Rainbow Six Extraction patch notes: New Protean Vigil, prestige system, and more

Rainbow Six Extraction's new patch has been a success.

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With Rainbow Six Siege announcing maintenance earlier today, Rainbow Six Extraction couldn't be left behind. Here is everything new in Extraction that came with the patch.

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What does this week's Extraction update include?

Rainbow Six Extraction's patch notes were made official just before the maintenance kicked off. This is everything that's new in the game.

New Protean: Vigil

First of all, great news! We have a new protean. Vigil joins the Archaean team and you possibly have to beat him in a Gateway mission.

A small piece of advice from us, bring as many LMGs as you can! Gateway final bosses are very difficult to beat. Having great firepower can be differential. Tactics are important too though!

New Prestige System

Rainbow Six Extraction has added 10 extra levels for each operator, unlocking a great number and variety of cosmetics.

General changes in Rainbow Six Extraction

The general changes include tweaks to the game's Crosshair, the way pinging works, and a general improvement of stability. Players will also be able to receive a second Buddy Pass invite from the same friend.


The Airlock has stolen the show in this part of the patch notes. You should not get stuck anymore in the Airlock, plus players can't block your way to the Airlock anymore. You can stop worrying about that!

These aren't the only changes, as tweaks to the way players and Archaeans move have been deployed. Also, Rainbow Six Extraction has launched sound fixes. There have also been some changes to the sight alignment in certain weapons in the game.

Rainbow Six Extraction operator changes

Operators have also been subject to changes! Zofia is the operator with the highest number of changes, as her aim assist on the KS79 Lifeline has been improved, while the FO-12 damage has been reduced from 35 to 25. Such a change also affects Ela, who has the very same gun in her kit.

Other operator changes include Doc being able to heal operators who carry an MIA player, or Jäger's turrets intercepting Sower Spores.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction going to release more content anytime soon?

Just two days ago, Rainbow Six Extraction's official Twitter posted a teaser of a possible new "mission" and a new item called "Nightmare Fog."

The tweet makes it clear: "You'll face a challenge like no other." Maybe it's time to get ready. Extraction seems to have much in store!

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