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Rainbow Six Extraction Nightmare Fog review — too much fog, too little action

Take a deep breath, it's time to enter the purple haze.

Banner image: Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction was welcomed with big hype — hype that faded away eventually. From time to time though, new game modes attract Siege players to go back to the Archaean-infested world.

In Nightmare Fog you will face the unknown. Some kind of purple haze covers the entirety of the map. You and your teammates must survive the dangers, including the Archaeans and delusions created by Neurotoxin Levels.

Nightmare Fog is a new (and complex) experience...

Nightmare Fog is a cool, different Extraction experience. It's arguably the first game mode that forces you to droning vast parts of the map. Unlike on Spillover, players don't necessarily have to face insanely large herds of Archaeans. If you play your cards wisely, you should survive the purple fog without much trouble.

...but it gets old fast

This being said, I found it boring. Don't get me wrong, the excitement was cool while it lasted. But once you figure out how to play the game mode, Nightmare Fog isn't challenging anymore. It wasn't. At all. 

You drone first. You find what site you must push to get rid of the Archaeans quickly, so you don't inhale too much fog. Repeat three times, and you will be done. It's pretty similar to Rainbow Six Siege even — gather information to attack a determined site. Follow the correct steps and you will be successful — which in Extraction is even easier, as the enemies are moved by the game’s AI.

Nightmare Fog is like Siege... but worse

It is difficult to leave behind the essence. Strategies and communication with teammates are an important part of the Tom Clancy's world. However, it might be just me, but what's appealing in Extraction aren't the strats but the gunfights. If I wanted a game to think about and plan, I would basically play Siege. Nightmare Fog is too much. I just want to grab a gun and pew pew some aliens. It might just be me though.

That doesn’t make Nightmare Fog an exciting game mode. The concept is really cool, it can really push you to your limits. If you aren’t used to the Siege experience, it will surely test your skills. It can be a really challenging experience at first, especially for those who have no experience in the Tom Clancy’s world. 

The missions in the incursions are also adequate. Not too much, that’s true. But it’s easy enough to understand quickly. The first two missions are about inhaling as less toxic gas as possible. The third mission is about grabbing your weapon and killing the aliens and the big alien tree.

Overall, a really cool experience — but not the ultimate Extraction experience. The purple haze is a very interesting concept but limits the fun. Players can’t stay for long on the same map, which means the game mode isn’t long. It eventually gets boring, pretty quickly actually. The purple haze also limits the amount of time you can actually spend looking for Archaeans. All of these flaws can feel like a pain in the neck, which in the end takes control of your experience. 

That’s why I personally think Nightmare Fog isn’t the best Extraction game mode. However, it’s a step to the right direction. Trying out new concepts is always great. New content must always be welcomed. You might not like it, but it’s great to have what will always feel like a breath of fresh air — even though you don’t enjoy it that much. 

We highly encourage you to try your luck in the Nightmare Fog and take your own conclusions!

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