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Spillover is the perfect Rainbow Six Extraction experience

Spillover is Extraction's first Crisis event, and it's a fun one.

Three operators against nine different herds of Archaeans, all of which present different traits depending on the area you defend. That's how you define Extraction's Spillover game mode in one short sentence. 

It is a crazy one. It pushes you to your limits, as you and your teammates will have to defend an area for a minute and a half. That may seem like a brief period of time, but it isn't at all here. 

With nine areas on the map, each one has a different trait: invisible Archaeans, Archaeans with spores, or mutations. Are you ready to face the dangers?

Well, you better be. After playing Spillover for a couple of hours, I can say that this is all about you, your teammates, and how well you manage your bullets and utility. 

It is the perfect Extraction experience. Although you always know what is going to pop up once you activate the REACT gadget, it feels like you are facing the unknown. 

Communication, coordination, and site preparation are key. Reinforcing or barricading are Siege aspects that we don't see that often in Extraction. Here, these can be very impactful. Reinforcing a wall, barricading a window, or creating a new angle of sight might win you some time that will eventually feel priceless. 

Also, fluent communication with your teammates and coordination is key. It really feels like the best of Extraction — chaos, a high number of enemies — and Siege, with its tactics, strats, communication. It combines the best of Siege and Extraction perfectly.  

Although I know it is not that deep, it really feels good. Controlled chaos at some point. The time ticks too, as you just have 25 minutes to complete the tasks. 

In order to not burn yourself to dead there are various health kits, REACT kits, and bullet kits next to the extraction zone. That's a really good addition that might change your destiny.

Operators like Capitão, Zofia, or Gridlock are useful operators, especially Gridlock. Her Trax Stingers will slow down the enemies and give your team enough time to kill a bigger number of Archaeans. Don't think about bringing an Hibana or any other operator with weak guns. Instead, bring a Doc to heal your teammates, a Finka, or a Lion. 

It is a fun experience. It is pure chaos, but at the same time, you must think of everything twice. You are left in the wild, and you must kill as many Archaeans as possible. Defend the zone while the gadget is doing its work once activated, just like in Siege. And the good thing is that, if it's destroyed, you can always get another one at the extraction zone. 

Once you melt with the environment and get used to weapons, abilities, and your teammates, you will be more than ready to face these Crisis event challenges. Although it might look quite difficult at the beginning, keep playing, get better, and you will finally enjoy and win. 

It is a Crisis event, it is not made to be an easy challenge. It is, indeed, challenging. Stay, get better, win. Safe the world from the Archaeans. The perfect Extraction experience.

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