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Rainbow Six Extraction announces new time-limited game mode Eclipse

Get ready for the next chapter of Rainbow Six Extraction, Eclipse!

Rainbow Six Extraction has announced a new time-limited game mode called Eclipse. It’s the first game mode of its kind since Nightmare Fog

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Eclipse game mode coming to Rainbow Six Extraction

Eclipse is a spooky game mode where players are thrown to the unknown. It’s going to be in complete darkness, so players will probably have to find new ways to not get lost in the dark.

It’s still not clear how the new game mode is going to be played and what’s the objective. All we know is that players will have to find their way outside the map while getting rid of the Archaeans, your enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction. 

According to the announcement, players will be able to “complete new Crisis studies” and “unlock new pieces of REACT Tech.” It will also include free cosmetics, so you better not miss this one!

When is Eclipse coming to Rainbow Six Extraction?

Eclipse’s launch date is today, Aug. 11, and it will be open until Sep. 1. Keep in mind that this is a time-limited event, so you will have three weeks to try it out.

Are new operators coming to Extraction?

Yes! With the launch of Eclipse, Echo is going to join the team. His Yokai drones will be adapted to be useful on the Extraction battlefield, although it is still unclear how.

In Rainbow Six Siege, Echo is a defender that can be used to cancel plants and gather information. Don't worry, Archaeans don't bring any defuser with them on Extraction.

Attackers can shoot the Japanese's drones, but it’s hard to say how the Archaeans will react to them. Just maybe, the Yokai Drones will be adapted to see in the darkness, or maybe the stuns are deadly for the Archaeans.

Eclipse will include new REACT gadgets, so why not give operators the chance to use some kind of Yokai drone? It sounds exciting!

The patch will be deployed today, so stay tuned for more Extraction updates!

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