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R6 Mobile development stalls as team refocuses on 'key elements'

Rainbow Six Mobile isn't a reality yet.

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Ubisoft's FPS title Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is going through one of its best moments since the game's release in back in 2015, with the launch of Operation Deadly Omen and the plans to control the hackers' plague, people who gave up on Siege are coming back as they are willing to give the game a second chance.

However, amid the current state of Rainbow Six Siege, it's not all a bed of roses for Ubisoft. Today, the company unveiled its next steps for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mobile — which may not be what the players expected to hear at this stage of the year.

Ubisoft set to pause new Rainbow Six Mobile content for the time being

In August 2023, Ubisoft announced that Rainbow Six Mobile would enter its 'soft-launch' stage. The first season of content, called Operation Fallen Sakura, was welcomed with open arms as players from Canada were allowed to try out the initial features coming with the game.

Since then, Ubisoft introduced new countries and seasons to Rainbow Six Mobile. The feedback provided by the community helped the game's developers to work around the flaws as the goal was always the same: releasing Rainbow Six Mobile worldwide.

However, Ubisoft has recently made the decision to pause the deployment of new content to the game's soft-launch version.

"We recognize there are areas for improvement, and we've made the decision to pause the rollout of new territories and content for Soft Launch for the time being," Ubisoft explained in their most recent blog post.

According to the announcement, players who had access to the game won't experience major changes. Unfortunately, it won't be the same for those who play from regions outside of those chosen for the soft launch, as Ubisoft is "closing servers currently operating outside of the Soft Launch countries."

What's next for Rainbow Six Mobile?

While developers continue working on the future of Rainbow Six Mobile, the players must be patient now. Keep in mind that the soft-launch stage isn't the final game, which means bugs and other issues should be common. Unfortunately, there's only one thing we can do now: wait.

"Our primary focus will be on improving server performance and addressing bugs and connection issues. We also intend to enhance the game's compatibility and optimization, ensuring optimal gameplay across a broader spectrum of mobile devices. Our goal is for our players to experience R6M in all its glory, with high FPS and graphics settings," said Ubisoft regarding the team's next steps.

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